Kage - Snow Pushers

Snow Plows For Skid Steer, Compact Wheel Loader, Compact Utility Tractor 

Seamless Transition from

Snow Plow to Box Plow

The SNOWKAGE box hooks onto a skid steer snow plow to instantly create a revolutionary containment system. This is done in seconds without leaving the cab – no pins, bolts, or hinges. The KAGE system takes the advantages of a snow plow and a pusher box and combines them into one fast and seamless operation. Operators can windrow or backdrag with the plow normally, then grab the SNOWKAGE box to push out their piles or windrows. Then they can go back to plowing – without leaving the cab. The KAGE system reduces plowing frustrations and hassles. The KAGE system reduces plowing times by 25-50%.

Snow Scraping

With the KAGE box attached, the trip edge mechanism of the plow still operates normally. Not only does the trip edge work normally, but so does the cutting edge! The scraping ability of the plow is not hindered by the ‘shoes’ of the SNOWKAGE. This means that you are always scraping down to asphalt in one pass.

Snowplow Angle Function

Use the angle function of the plow while you are pushing. This means that you have a huge advantage over fixed snow pushers in that you can maneuver the load around turns without losing half of it!

Snow Stacking

The KAGE system is great for cleanup operations, as well as break-out during a heavy snow fall. The applications for the KAGE system combined with the skid steer versatility are virtually endless. In contrast, fixed snow pushers reduce skid steer efficiency and versatility. The normally wide range of sites that skid steers can be used at is greatly diminished, and little things like cleanup along curbs becomes a chore. When KAGE box is dropped off, there is no change to the performance of the snow plow. Can it stack snow? Why yes, of course. In fact it will stack higher and faster than a pusher or bucket because you have more reach and don’t have to ‘dump’!

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